UC Irvine “Visualize The Debt” Event Report

A few months ago, YAL at UCI displayed a debt clock; although, we used PVC pipe to construct our clock. Unfortunately, we received less than a dozen new sign-ups at that time. This time around, I knew what to do different, and thus had much better results. I was motivated by the media outlets who came to cover us, and I started to have fun with it. Once you find out ways to have fun, you can run a very successful event. That is what I was doing wrong before – I didn’t come up with ways to make it fun for everyone.


This video goes over the event, our press release, media coverage, and how we got over 140 people to sign our petition:

Our main media coverage can be found below:


Here are some key points I learned during this event:

a) Most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT! If you look like you are having fun while tabling, more people will want to join. Be creative with ways to make it fun.

b) Smile!

c) Approach people walking by. Even walk with some! Spice it up a bit — walk backwards next to somebody who seems interested, join a groups’ conversation, etc. These things get fantastic results, and once you have a very short conversation with them about how large the debt is, they are almost guaranteed to sign your petition and perhaps join your chapter!


Afterwards (perferably the same day of the event or the day after), have a club meeting. Make sure to do the necessary promotion for the meeting, and bring pizza! Also giving away freebies is a good idea.


-Matt Eggleton

Director of Administration

Young Americans for Liberty at UC Irvine

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