UC-Irvine Welcome Week Recruiting

On Monday, September 19th, Young Americans for Liberty at UC-Irvine attended the Anteater Involvement Fair. From approximately 11 AM to 3 PM, over 80 sign-ups were attained for the UCI YAL chapter (including their name, email, phone, etc).


Here is how we did it:  Stand in front of your table with a smile on your face, ready to approach people. If someone even glances your way, walk next to them and ask them a simple question. Try to get them to smile, laugh, or just stop walking. I would usually ask something like, “You look like someone who likes freedom! Am I right!?” When he/she says yes, respond with “Then our club is perfect for you!”


The key is to show that your club is having lots of fun doing what you’re doing. When explaining what your club is, say something like “We are a liberty-promoting club that takes part in lots of FUN activism events.”


Although some people may ignore you, do not be afraid of approaching people. After you get the hang of it, it will be a lot of fun! Sometimes, I will even join in on a passing by group’s conversation just for fun. I found that approaching people results in about 10 times as many sign-ups!


At our table, we gave out pocket constitutions, YAL palm cards, political quizzes, stickers, literature, and more. 


Also, throughout the rest of the week, more sign-ups were acquired. Our first official meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. Hopefully many new members will attend!

— Matt Eggleton, President of YAL at UCI

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