UC Merced End of Fall Semester Update!

The end of this Fall marks the end of YAL’s first semester at UC Merced. Most of our time was spent on recruiting, which was done through the use of the political quiz.


Lots of students have taken the quiz and seemed interested but unfortunately the turnout to meetings has been lack luster. I still think that all the tabling was a success however as it has forced a lot of students to question their beliefs, which I am hopeful will lead to further curiosity! Though our numbers are small, we have found several people (mainly freshman!)  who are extremely passionate about liberty and will likely be replacing myself as President once I graduate this semester. 



We also triggered some speech police along the way!!


We were also able to host Tyler Coward from FIRE at our campus. He gave an awesome presentation about how free speech is often attacked by colleges and also gave us specific examples of how speech is being limited on our campus.


I am hopeful that next semester the chapter will be able to pursue actions against the school to get these codes changed.

Overall, it was an interesting semester. The numbers were not what I had hoped but all big things start small and I am hopeful that our actions this semester spark liberty in the minds of the students at UC Merced!

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