UC – Merced: Free Speech Beach Ball Event!

On Thursday, April 7, 2016, YAL at the University of California – Merced hosted a very successful free speech beach ball event! We had over 100 students sign our petition to challenge our schools Office of Student Life’s policy of event hosting guidelines.

YAL founding members!

According to our schools guidelines: you must submit your event and poster draft to the office for approval and consent. As college students we felt that we are wise and mature enough to know what we are advocating and speaking our minds for and that this is something that our college campus should change.

Jennifer sharing her thoughts!

The turnout that we had was amazing. The diversity of students and the assortment of thoughts that were shared on the ball really gave us a sense of accomplish and right doing. Overall the event was a great success and we hope we raised awareness on the importance of free speech on college campus. 
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