UCA: Campus Invasion at ATU

On Monday, March 9, the members of Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Central Arkansas chapter got together to initiate a campus invasion. We invaded Arkansas Tech University, a four year college in Russellville, Arkansas.

It was a rainy day, so instead of setting up the usual table we decided to try something else. We all met in ATU’s Student Center with pocket constitutions, YAL information, and of course sign-up sheets. We then proceeded to approach the students around us, having real one-on-one conversations.


We explained to them why we were there, YAL’s mission, and the benefits received from being a member. A lot of student’s were interested in joining the ATU chapter if created.

Even though we didn’t find someone willing to lead the new chapter, we met some incredible students. We plan to visit ATU again soon for another invasion, and we will find that one person willing to be the voice of liberty at Arkansas Tech.

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