UCA Chapter Recruitment Drive

To kick off the semester, we were more than excited about the upcoming YAL State Convention we were chosen to host at the University of Central Arkansas.

Most of our Recruitment Drive has been focused on letting people know about our organization and inviting them to our conference on March 15. We have tabled at our own campus as well as the campus at University of Arkansas in Monticello. 


During several weekly meetings at Bear’s Den we called the numbers on our mailing list to invite them to both our conference and to join our organization in general. So far we are up to nearly 80 people confirmed to attend our conference, and we have hundreds more to call.

At Faulkner County Tea Party meetings we spread the word about our upcoming conference and invited anyone who we came into contact with. Congressional candidate Ann Clemmer has already RSVPed to the conference on Facebook.

We handed out several of the pamphlets and booklets out of our recruitment package, and filled out quizzes for anyone interested. Tabling at different schools was a great experience, and it was so nice to see how enthusiastic students can be in regards to learning about YAL!

Weekly meeting

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