UCA Recruitment Drive and First Meeting

Recently, the YAL Chapter at the University of Central Arkansas tabled at our annual Conway Daze.


This is a chance for all of the student organizations and local businesses to meet the new freshman. Thousands of students attended to learn about the hundreds of organizations on campus, get free food, and win cool prizes.


YAL had a pretty good spot this year, it was actually in the free speech zone (lol). It was beautiful day for the event, and we got the chance to meet a lot of people. I even walked around with a cut-out of Ron Paul asking people if they knew who he was — it was great! Overall, we ended up getting 125 signs up, whom we invited to an interest meeting a couple of days later (we promised free pizza).


We had around 20 new members show up to our meeting (including children!), and they were all serious about committing. At the meeting we talked about the history of YAL, things UCA YAL has done in the past, our future plans, and we did a little activity called, “You or the State?”


Overall, we had a blast. We talked a little politics, but most importantly we got to learn what issues mattered to people.

More pictures from tabling:




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