UCA YAL Celebrates Constitution Week

Before YAL @ the University of Central Arkansas could begin the Constitution Week festivities, we had to convene for an organizational meeting. 


And from that meeting we give you Constitution Week 2013:

First, we posted some flyers to promote the free speech wall and our meeting at the end of the week.


We stood outside the student center in what the university refers to as our “free speech zone.” This is basically a circle around the chapel with a 50-foot radius.

Even though we were confined to our circle, we were still able to contact hundreds of students and invite them to write on our free speech wall. 


On one side of the wall students could write about absolutely anything they wanted. The other side of the board had two questions to see what people thought about

1) UCA’s free speech zone

2) U.S. intervention in Syria

 Take a look at what students thought: 



UCA YAL has been working with FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) to try to overturn this free speech zone. We have already made good progress by eliminating vague words from the policy like “annoying” and  “offensive” but our ultimate goal is to have free speech everywhere on campus — and we are on track to achieve that goal! 

The next day was UCA’s RSO fair. We decided to take advantage of the large crowds in order to promote the importance of the fourth amendment. 


Our two lovely volunteers, dressed in official government attire, walked around asking people for invasive information such as Facebook password, e-mail password, phone lock code, access to their text messages, etc. They also handed out flyers promoting our meeting at the end of the week.


This is how students responded to our nosy cops:

Thanks, ladies, for teaching us how to say “NO!” to the NSA!

Our final event of Constitution Week 2013 was our meeting on Friday.

Our guest speaker, Sheldon Richman with the Future of Freedom Foundation, talked about the comparisons between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. Afterwards students were able to participate in discussion with Sheldon and continue exploring the context and implications of the two documents. 


The Friday before Constitution Week, our treasurer, Kaley Stone, and I were invited to Hot Springs to interview with Andrew Zupkoff on News Radio 1420: Wake Up Hot Springs to discuss YAL’s Constitution Week plans.


We discussed what exactly Young Americans for Liberty is and what attracted each of them to the group.

I explained that my passion for the Ron Paul campaign led me to continue my activism through YAL, whileKaley’s interest evolved from educational outlets that YAL offers:

Once I was finally comfortable looking at issues through the lens of liberty, political conversations became much easier. Instead of memorizing some long contradictory political platform I had gained the most useful tool by which to measure the worth of a political policy, liberty.

Overall, the entire week was a success. We got more than 100 new sign-ups and had an amazing time educating our peers on the importance of protecting your rights!

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