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Club Fair

Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs has been hard at work. 

Starting out for the first time as a registered club on our campus at the club fair in August 2011, we found 55 people who scored libertarian on the worlds smallest poltical quiz that opted to sign up for our email list.  Then, with the help of our new activists we found 100 more people in the month of September, 80 on a Wednesday and 20 on a Thursday, who scored libertarian and signed up for our email list.  This was a huge success, especially considering the small size and commuter campus (very small number of students living on campus) nature of our campus!

An excellent film festival has been scheduled and fundedraised for this weekend by our vice president and SFL campus coordinator Todd Hollenbeck with a substantial ammount of promotion within local liberty groups.  A free speech wall is working its way through the school event processing and 2 local speakers have already made appearences at the weekly group meetings.  Altogether we are off to a great start and look forward to more involvment by Colorado Springs and UCCS residents who are for liberty!

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