UCF Constitution Week — Bill of Rights VIOLATED

On September 19th, YAL @ the University of Central Florida hosted Constitution Week on campus. For Constitution Week we decided to change gears and make something new. With the help of the Activism Grant from generous donors we were able to construct a wall of the Bill of Rights. However, this was no ordinary wall of the Bill of Rights, it was a Bill of Rights VIOLATED Wall. Below is the wall that was put on display in front of the Student Union.

Bill of Rights Violated Wall

As you can see below we crossed out parts of an amendment that we felt as liberty-lovers was being violated. For the First Amendment we choose the unconstitutional speech codes on college campuses that plague freedom of speech. In addition, we pointed out the controversial pieces of legislation like SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA that tried to censor the internet. 

Trip educating student

Students stopped by and asked us about our project. We explained were there was a violation of rights by our government and how we must hold them accountable. Our Vice-President Trip Davis educates a student on pieces of legislation that are in conflict with what our Founders intended.

To educate our fellow students we handed out customary pocket-sized Constitutions courtesy of YAL. This voluntary exchange had many students excited and thanking us for this valuable item. Below Donald hands an eager student a copy of the Constitution. 

In all, Constitution Week was a tremendous success as we handed out 150 pocket-sized Constitutions and collected over 40 emails. We now feel thanks to the help of YAL that students at UCF are more aware of how their constitutional liberties are being violated.

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