UCF YAL Stands for Free Speech

On October 5th of 2016, the Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at the University of Central Florida decided that they were fed up with their University’s unconstitutional speech codes and took a stand by rolling out an 8-foot beach ball dedicated to free speech.

While rolling the the Free Speech Ball around campus, students were very excited to have the opportunity to express their first amendment rights by writing on the ball. While some students did not like or agree with everything that was written, many took the opportunity to write rebuttals against those things they disagreed with.

With all of the attention we were getting around campus, we knew we had to use this opportunity to spread the message of liberty and talk about the importance of free speech. During our Free speech activism, we handed out pocket constitutions and explained to students why the speech codes on campus were unconstitutional and why a culture of free speech is important for a more prosperous society. We were also able to gather the signatures of over 130 students who supported the ‘Chicago Principles’ of free speech.

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