UCI Students Drown in Debt ’til it Hurts

On 4/20/2013, Young Americans for Liberty at UC Irvine arrived at the Wayzgoose festival — an event for both current and prospective students at UCI.

(Our press release can be found here).

We held a Dunk Tank event, in which students (both from the chapter and not) volunteered to get dunked in order to portray UCI students drowning in debt (and the large loans that many students are left with once graduated). We dressed up in a cap and gown, and hundreds of people walking by took a shot at our dunk tank.




This event brought the attention of several media outlets, including the OC Register. We were able to attract large crowds, and received over 150 new signups for YAL at UC-Irvine. With these signups, we were able to direct interested students to a follow-up meeting the following week (in which we could further educate them on the real reasons why our education system is so inefficient). Also, we are able to recruit interested students from YAL to write for The Irvine Independent at UCI.



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