UCLA YAL Tables on Campus for the War on Youth

Our YAL chapter at UCLA tabled twice on campus with the War On Youth Debt Pong Kit to recruit new members and gain some much needed visibility on campus. Our group had a slow start to the semester, but with the War on Youth kit, and the information we got at YAL’s California State Convention, we were able to successfully plan and execute a great event.

Outdoor tabling

To plan, we applied for resources on YAL’s main website, attended the state convention, followed up with our Regional Director, Ryan Michie, to plan our event, and are following up with all of our sign-ups. Tyler Kotesky and I both secured tabling space with a few other members.  

The kit was a big hit on campus, and our group really likes the interactive features of the debt pong game.  It will be a good way to keep students engaged.


When we tabled indoors, we did not have enough space for buckets. So, we got creative and made some signs that showed how much “Uncle Sam” takes out of recent graduate’s paychecks. That tnumber is $11,424 for a salary of $50,000. We also illustrated what that $11k could be spent on.

Overall this was a great event, and we can wait to use the materials again! 

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