UCM Celebrates Free Speech

Recently UCM held its first major activism event.We decided to hold a free speech ball as a late celebration of Governor Jay Nixon’s passing of Senate Bill 93. This bill eliminated free speech zones on public college campuses. Many people were skeptical about writing something without the possibility of getting in trouble, but this was sonly resolved when people started seeing what people were writing on.  

UCM YAL's Stilt walker

Things were written like “The governments got the cure to cancer!” and “the CIA killed JFK.”  The thing that brought the most attention to the event was that our member Anthony Portis is a stilt walker and wore them and walked around inviting people to come write on the ball.  By the end of the day there was no room left for people to write. We walked away from this event with a record breaking 35 sign ups! some of these people came out top meeting to find out more about what YAL stands for and has to offer.  At the end of it all we have increased out chapter size to a total of nine members and are shooting for more as the next semester comes around.

Stilt Walker 2 

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