UCSD Hosts a Police Quiz Show: Cop Out!

YAL @ UCSD began our midyear recruitment effort by hitting Library Walk with a game show. There were booths, prizes, hosts, and… cops?


That’s right! We asked students on library Walk to test their knowledge on the police and their rights. Standing in booths with “metal” bars, we asked questions ranging from when a police has the right to enter a home to what to do during a random traffic stop.

Students were surprised by the amount of rights they actually had. Most had no idea they were allowed to deny the police entry into their place of residence. Students were also excited to go home with our fabulous prizes, Constitutions, and meeting times!

Cop Host

The meeting that following evening was one of the most energized ones of the quarter. We had new members stopping by to further discuss police and the state. This event has served to motivate us even more as the quarter and year progress!

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