UCSD: Just Say No to the DEA

The Young Americans for Liberty at University of California-San Diego have been hard at work trying to motivate students to stand against the DEA in the recent wake of the debacle with Daniel Chong. After pushing for a resolution through our student government denouncing the DEA for their actions (which passed unanimously), YAL members tabled on two separate days. We educated students about the negative consequences of the War on Drugs and the policies of the DEA.

Students were also asked to sign the DEAARE Pledge, a play on the DARE pledge that elementary school students are usually encouraged to take. Over the course of two days, we collected more than 160 signatures, not counting the signatures of those who only signed the poster version of the pledge!

This was a fun event to do, and logistically, it’s not very difficult to pull off. This is the 3×6 ft poster that we used: 

Dare to Resist

Although I really like the acronym that we went with, “DEA Abuse Resistance Education,” a lot of people thought we were actually DARE. So in case anyone else is thinking about also doing this event, we came up with a couple of other possible acronyms: “DEA Resistance — DEAR” and “DEA Education Resistance Program – DERP.” I think DERP is hilarious, and it will probably attract more signatures, but it may not be taken as seriously. Here’s a possible template for that poster as well:

The War on DERP

Feel free to make any improvements you see fit.

What happened to Daniel Chong was tragic, but it is an opportunity for people to see that drug war violence can affect them as well. Hopefully with some help from their campus’ Young Americans for Liberty, students will begin to become disillusioned to the severe negative consequences drug prohibition has.

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