UD Recruitment Drive

Two days into the School Year and YAL@UD is kickin ass. We registered for a table at our student activities fair. We arrived about 45 minutes early to start setting up and were conveniently placed in between the College Democrats on our Left and the College Republicans on our Right. Our table knocked it out of the park with some pretty basic tried and true tabling techniques, three people held clipboards as three other people engaged the incoming freshman in conversation and held up a sign, expertly decorated by our New Vice President Alexis Meyers, saying ‘Do You Like Liberty?’. The college Democrats had a cutout of their nominee Hillary Clinton, while the college Republicans had posters with Trump. Our members quickly found an excellent stump line to draw people in to our table. “Tired of Clinton? Tired of Trump? Try Liberty! Check out Young Americans for Liberty!” It got some chuckles, frustrated our competition, and drew people in who, like many of us, are wondering what the hell happened this year. Another fantastic line to draw people in that framed the narrative towards liberty, was “Tired of Party Politics? Lets talk real Policy!” Lets get back to real issues this year with YAL and not get bogged down with this frustrating election. The college democrats were forced to counter our message with “interested in Party Politics?” they sounded dejected. We sounded positive. It was a great night, we signed up just over 100 new students and we’re looking forward to seeing new faces at our first meeting Tuesday. 

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