UD YAL takes on the NSA

The YAL chapter at the University of Delaware staged an activism event this past Tuesday, March 22nd from 2-5pm. We put on a protest to raise campus awareness of the TSA, the national security state, and the federal government’s intrusion into our constitutional rights, including our right to privacy.  So far this semester, we’ve held weekly meetings every Thursday, in addition to some recruitment drives. To achieve our activism goal, we set up outside of Sharp Hall, a building on campus that gets heavy foot traffic throughout the day. Two of us dressed up in suits, acting as NSA agents. We held extended paint rollers to represent microphones and the “listening in” of private conversations by government officials.
UD YAL NSA event 
Nine current YAL members were in attendance to voice our liberty message, ask their fellow students what they knew about this issue, and if it concerned them. We propped a chalkboard up by our table, which was split into two parts: “Facts about NSA Spying” and “What Do You Want The NSA to Hear?” asking willing participants to voice their opinions.
The event was a great success. We got twenty-five sign ups on the day and engaged in conversations with people grounded in constitutional principles and the philosophy of liberty. For as many people who dismissed the surveillance state as being “no big deal”, there were just as many who legitimately were unaware of this controversial issue.
Our YAL chapter here at UD is looking forward to our next activism event and furthering the cause for liberty!
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