UF YAL Visualizes the Debt!

As our brand new YAL chapter’s inaugural event, we challenged the students of University of Florida to visualize just how disgustingly huge a debt of 15.5 trillion dollars (and growing!) really is.

Debt demonstration in the center of campus

Our wonderful friends in the UCF YAL chapter loaned us their debt clock which was impossible to miss when we set it up in front of our main library. Students were shocked to see just how large the debt was and how quickly it’s increasing as we updated it every hour.

Many people approached us to ask what the number was, and stayed to ask questions about things like what the Constitution had to say about federal spending, how to bring down the debt, and why the Federal Reserve in its current state is such a threat to our nation’s future prosperity. We gained some new club members, gave out a lot of Constitutions, and even changed a few minds!

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