UGA YAL at the Spring Activities Fair


The University of Georgia Young Americans for Liberty chapter made an appearance at the Spring Activities Fair in February! The fair had been postponed twice by this time due to snowy weather. Remember back to when Atlanta experienced the “Snowpocalypse”? “Snowmageddon”? Some of that weather had made its way east to the city of Athens. And then it hit even harder a couple weeks after that. We were eager to get tabling started!


Since the fair had been pushed back a couple times, attendance wasn’t as strong as it usually was in times past. We put out plenty of material for students to read, discuss, and take with them. Many students stopped to either take the (updated) quiz or talk politics. One of the students I talked to was a returning student who was starting a major in economics. It was refreshing to hear him talk about capitalism in a positive light!


One of our officers, Ranier Bawayan, offered to stay at the table the entire time. We’re fortunate to have him! 

A member of the Young Democrats stopped by our table, perused our literature, and took an anti-tax bumper sticker. We thought it was odd, but that’s what we’re there for!


The Young Democrats tabled right across from us. They didn’t have much mentally-stimulating table material, but they did have candy!  

We had about 30 people stop by and take the quiz, talk with us, and sign up with their email address. We’ll be coming back from spring break next week, ready to table and demonstrate on campus! 

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