Uh-oh… I take on a professor’s hypocrisy at WFU

This week in the Old Gold & Black, the official student newspaper of Wake Forest University (Go Deacs!–we’re gunning for ya Kentucky), you will find four articles written by WFU YAL members. Yes, four. (*Note: titles are provided by the student paper, not the author)

  1. Protest the current government’s policies (by yours truly)
  2. Government follows misguided economics (by Elliot Engstrom)
  3. Seven-year Iraq War doesn’t benefit anyone (by Nathan Fox-Helser)

Numbers 1 and 3 are both about the current status of the United States’ occupations abroad, while number 2 reflects not just the looting of the rich, but also the looting of the poor.

And lastly, but likely most controversial, you will find the fourth total article and second article written by myself that reflects the title of this post: Gov’t intervention hinders “green” transformation.

In the above article I am responding to a column submitted by Dr. Adrian Bardon where he delightfully attacks, ad hominem and full of other base fallacies, libertarians, particularly on the issue of global warming. Dr. Bardon’s article sparked quite the bit of controversy in the comments section and I felt almost obligated to clear him of any grime that may have been attached to his name as a result from such a philosophically penurious article.

It must have been tactic, not philosophy, that Dr. Bardon was employing, I wrote.

I mean, come on, Bardon, your latest article was so logically incoherent that it would insult your intelligence to think your article’s intent was to be philosophically sound. You’re a professor at the university, so I’d have to assume the article’s intent was one of tactic, and not one of reason.

Oh, but it definitely gets better; I do not let Dr. Bardon off the hook so easily and I both challenge his preconceptions at the most basic level (since he appears to have a hard time even understanding the superficial levels of libertarianism) and offer the real nature of libertarian green debate as being diverse, and full of sound ideas.

It’s well worth the read; it’s not often I am privileged the opportunity to publicly engage a professor that has so blatantly violated even the most simple of student/professor contracts.

But don’t take my word for it, make your own assessment.

Feel free to read Dr. Bardon’s article from last week, (which itself was a response to one of Elliot Engstrom’s articles).

Then please, by all means, check out my lively response.

Don’t be afraid to call out these professors, no matter how pretentious they may seem, or how “scary” the ramifications may be.

The student newspaper at your campus provides the perfect forum for such a debate — keep it out of the classroom (you will be respected), but make darn sure your voice is heard on campus. I make sure to do so each time I submit an article. For example, my first piece atop this post specificially calls out the College Democrats to take a stand against the wars — even if that means standing out against Bush 2.0, President Obama.

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