UI Deep Web Screening

The University of Iowa YAL chapter, with the help of the Get Out the Liberty grant from SFL had a successful showing of Deep Web last night. This movie was one that many of us were looking forward to, but also one that some of us had never heard of before. Needless to say, we all enjoyed the movie and felt very moved by Ross’s story. Following the movie, we had exciting discussion about what the 4th amendment could mean in the age of technology, and we reminisced about the iPhone scandal that happened a little less than a year ago. It seems that our generation is at the forefront of yet another time when the government and the law have not caught up with reality. From here the conversation turned to a sensible drug policy, and then into a general debate about the NSA. Overall, this movie sparked a genuinely enthusiastic and intellectual conversation in my YAL chapter that really got people excited. We are hoping to use this momentum to have even more successful activism events on campus and also bring that eagerness into our recruitment.  

We would like to thank YAL, SFL and SSDP for giving us the opportunity to watch Deep Web!

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