UI YAL Sweating it out for Liberty

A week after our first event, we had our second Free Speech Ball. Though this was the same event, there were some notable differences.

Since the first event I had followed through and contacted the people from our recruitment drive and our first Free Speech Ball sign ups, which had increased our chapter substantially. During our event, it pleased me to see so many new people already getting active on campus–I can tell they will be the future of our chapter.

Another difference was that we just happened to be doing our Free Speech Ball right across from a Students for Hillary group. Of course, being the non-profit and completely unbiased organization YAL is, we had no problem with this. However, the Hillary folks, did not feel the same. The dirty looks and smug comments lasted the entire event.

The final difference was the heat. Even though it is September, Iowa is stuck in summer-mode. A memorable quote from our VP was “The amount of sweat I have on me is unconstitutional.” But in all seriousness, I would like to thank all the new members, and existing members who gave up hours of their time in the heat to help us reform the speech codes on campus. 

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