UIS Recruitment Drive; Mobile Liberty

Wednesday, August 24th The University of Illinois, Springfield campus had a revitalization of the spirit of liberty. Forged in the fires of revolution and against all odds, the YAL chapter of UIS is getting back on track. We were not able to secure a table, but with the use of clipboards, ingenuity, and a box full of US Constitutions, the acquisition of student signatures and attention began to build. 

The mobile liberty model worked well for the small team of activists. Student interest came from different backgrounds and even various nationalities. Many new students who approached us already heard of YAL. Even an alumnus came by the fair to support the our movement!

Overall, our Chapter was able to increase our numbers, attract students who were unaware of the liberty movement, and make a statement on campus — even without a table. Liberty can’t be contained, and our chapter will continue to grow at UIS.

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