UIUC YAL Foreign Policy Discussion

This last Thursday, our University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign YAL chapter hosted an open discussion on foreign policy issues. With crisis in Ukraine, crisis in Iraq, crisis in western Africa, crisis in Palestine, we at least could tackle these issues with our bellies comfortably full with pizza.  

Pizza becomes further associated with the liberty movement

Our chapter is fortunate enough to have members who have their pulse on happenings across the globe. Newcomers and old hats alike found intrigue in points that connected and resolved global issues based on non-intervention, peaceful policies.

Members grin at the thought of Kurdish women, armed to the teeth, kicking ISIS butt.

That’s all for this week! President Chandler and unofficial mascot Nova seem impressed with the involvement thus far this year…even better things to come!

Nova also offers therapeutic support when foreign crises wear us down..!

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