UMass Amherst: Can We Take A Joke?

On April 20th, UMass Amherst YAL hosted a screening of “Can We Take a Joke?”. We applied for an official venue about two weeks in advance. Though we tried to secure a spacious auditorium for the screening, the University was adamant that every one on campus was booked, and in the end we settled for a moderate sized meeting room, which turned out to be just right for the number of people who attended. 
We hung posters advertising the event around campus and spread word of the event by word of mouth. The turnout was great. We had about a dozen guests in addition to four of our regular members. We shared a great number of hearty laughs and deep thoughts, and the applause at the end was astoundingly loud for a crowd of its size.
Just as captivating as the documentary was, we also had a captivating discussion afterward. We talked about the nature of humor, the role of government and other sources of authority, the relationship between free speech and normative ethics and innumerable other things relating to those topics. Nearly two hours passed between the end of the film and the last of us leaving.
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