UMW Gets Real Traction Upon Being Recognized

The UMW YAL chapter has been holding events and informing students on the ideas of liberty since its founding in August of 2016, but now, since becoming an official university-recognized chapter last Spring, we have been able to capitalize on the opportunities that affords us. The biggest of those opportunities is being allowed to participate in Club Carnival, which is UMW’s annual club fair. 

Over the course of Club Carnival, we were able to collect around 30 sign ups, and make connections with students of all different perspectives. We were ecstatic upon learning that there are students at the university who already know about YAL, and are extremely interested in becoming involved, and that there are still others who are simply willing to hear us out and give liberty a shot. We are incredibly grateful for having a table as an official organization at UMW, because it allows us to catch and connect with more students.
Although the table helped a lot, we’d also like to issue a special shout out to our Vice President, Ty Hicks, for teaching us that the table doesn’t get sign ups – WE do. Using the table as mere base of operations, we were able to venture out into the crowd of passing students to catch them and connect with them about issues they feel are important. We saw this as a kind of ‘net tossing’ activity, to bring students back to our table. YAL at UMW is extremely excited about the response we’ve gotten so far, and about what lies ahead for us in our pursuit to create a more liberty-friendly campus!
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