UNC Chapel Hill FallFest 2017

Tuesday at UNC Chapel Hill, students marched onto campus to start classes for the fall semester. On Sunday night, though, the campus scenery was much different. 

As students filed onto Hooker Fields for UNC’s annual FallFest, our YAL chapter proudly represented a table stocked with stickers, pamphlets, and liberty munchies. Despite the heat and humidity, we were thrilled to share the message of liberty with new students! 

Discussing liberty with new students at UNC Chapel Hill

At FallFest, we were able to speak with students from all walks of life. Some students were intrigued by the idea of liberty, while some were already well-versed in personal freedom. Most importantly, we were able to have conversations that made lasting impressions on students – even those that didn’t agree with us.

For example, one group of students discussed welfare policy and military spending with our chapter’s vice president for ten minutes. At a concert Monday night, I overheard the same group still discussing the “libertarian guy” while debating different economic policies.   

During the three hours of tabling, we had over 100 students sign up for our listserv, and we’re excited for our first meeting of the year Wednesday night!  

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