UNC-Chapel Hill YAL Starts the Year Off with a Bang


 Spreading Liberty, One Convo at a Time

Kicking butt and taking names—that’s exactly what the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of Young Americans for Liberty did at this year’s Fallfest, UNC’s annual clubs and activities fair. With a team of about ten members, UNC YAL collected the contact info of 209 students, distributed three large boxes of “goodie bags”—loaded with pocket constitutions, candy, and pamphlets on liberty—and had conversations with dozens of students about YAL and its mission.

A Fittingly Beautiful Summer Sunset

Fallfest takes place every August on two large athletic fields. Rows of information tables for dozens of campus organizations are set up, divided by an open corridor of space in the middle of the field.

Talking to the Crowds

UNC YAL was lucky to get a table on the end of a row, near the main walkway—a critical bottleneck with high traffic. We were happy to hear from several freshmen we approached that our active, engaging strategy of starting the conversation with passerby stood out from other groups, and that they never would’ve signed up otherwise. YAL’s high visibility paid off: Senior members agreed that Fallfest 2015 was the most successful one that our YAL chapter has ever had.

Finished Booth


YAL’s “Know Your Rights” wallet insert cards were a huge hit with the incoming freshmen. Passing out these info cards about police interaction was a great icebreaker for approaching onlookers, and an effective way to get the attention of first-years who were away from home for the first time. UNC’s Ron Paul cardboard cutout was also an effective means for grabbing attention: Ron was featured in dozens of selfies.

Having started the year off with a bang, we’re all eager to continue our success at our first meeting of the semester in just a couple of days. With some luck and hard work, we can help win the fight for liberty this year on our campus.

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