UNC-Charlotte YAL Members Represent Galt.io at the Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference!

This past weekend, UNC-Charlotte YAL members Christian Lockamy and I tabled at the Civitas Conservative Leadership Conference for www.galt.io!  

Jared galt.io

Galt.io is a soon to be released web-based program founded by radio host Jason Lewis and Alex Huff that will assist libertarians and conservatives across the nation to organize behind causes and use free market principles to determine the success of those causes. Many at the conference, both young and old, were excited to hear about it!

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It works by using its own currency called Galtcoins which are earned by inviting new members to the Galt.io site, supporting either local, state, or national causes, or by having people join your own causes which are easy to view on a friendly interactive map. 

galt.io map

Your actions have risk though to incentivize members to stay active with their projects. It costs a Galtcoin to invite a member but if they join you receive two. To start a local cause it costs 100 Gs but every supporter you obtain earns you a Galtcoin so you may work to build up a profit so you may start your own statewide cause for 1,000 Gs or national cause for 10,000 Gs.  You will also be able to compare and contrast similar or opposing causes to track how well you are doing at promoting your ideas.  

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The event was a success and many people were thrilled to hear of this interesting concept to put ideas to compete in a free market where anyone can work to be effective. Right now anyone may pledge real-world cash to join, but once it is launched in the near future it will be strictly invite only. Luckily the Galt.io team has decided to count YAL as a Founding Group on Galt.io, which means all YAL members will be welcome to join for a reduced rate. Get excited because when this takes off in the next month or two it could change the way activists across the country conduct their actions!

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