UNC Charlotte’s Free Speech Wall and NSA Event

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The YAL chapter at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte had an amazing Constitution Week!  When given the option to choose one of the three events, we figured, why not combine as many ideas as possible?

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On Constitution Day, September 17, we tabled by the Belk Tower.  This tower is made in the image of a gigantic 148 foot tall pen with a nearby inkwell.  This seemed the perfect location to wrap our free speech wall.

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The wall remained up or the entire week letting our student body know as they passed by that support or the 1st Amendment is stronger than ever.

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Earlier that day our schools Pre-Law Society hosted a special Constitution Day Cyber Surveillance Symposium, and UNCC YAL was right there with a spot to table at the event. Speakers included UNCC’s own Dr. Cynthia Combs, Clark Walton who is a lawyer and adjunct instructor at Charlotte School of Law, and Sarah Preston who is a policy director for ACLU in Raleigh.

surveillance symposium

The second day of our Constitution Week events we decided on participating in the NSA event while tabling by the Belk Tower.




“Excuse me sir. I’m with the NSA and I just am checking to make sure you aren’t speaking to any terrorists?”


“I just need to see your text messages for a second miss. It’s a matter of national security”

Altogether, our Constitution Week was a major success! We passed out tons of Constitutions, got pages full of new signups, and made liberty’s presence known all week at UNCC!

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