UNC Charlotte’s “War on YOUth” and “Courageous Conservative” Event!

Last week the YAL chapter at The University of North Carolina hosted our “War on YOUth” to promote our “Courageous Conservative” speaker event with TJ from the local FM radio show “The Ace & TJ Show.” We had a blast while simultaneously promoting liberty!

Thanks to the help of The Leadership Institute, we obtained a grant to print posters and flyers we designed which were put up around campus.


We also made sure to chalk all the high traffic areas.

We started out tabling in front of one of our main dining halls and met many cool people.

sam table 1
Nick table 1
After having difficulties putting up the banner in the loose flowerbed soil we moved across the walkway and set up camp in the shade.

It was really difficult to make a shot to gain back our liberties with a giant Obama fathead blocking the way. (I guess that’s the point)

pong shot
Overall a thousand flyers were passed out, twelve thousand people were reached via Facebook by boosting our reach, and many good discussions were made on how our current government hurts the youth more than any other generation.

evan talk
After a long day outside standing to promote liberty we got a chance to sit and relax while eating pizza and listening to TJ speak about how conservative ideas are censored in the media.

Altogether an awesome week for freedom at UNCC!

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