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Stories have always been used to impart lessons to one another. Perhaps it is the human element within stories that allows us to connect with them so well or perhaps it is the reassurance that the struggles we now face have indeed been confronted and overcome by others before us. Regardless, storytelling still remains as one of the most effective means of teaching and is the focus of Bill Frezza’s new speaking tour “Free Pizza and Beer” which came to UNC on Wednesday, November 12.

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The event was attended by UNC YAL and other interested individuals, with a total attendance of just over 40 people. During the course of the talk, Bill Frezza, a noted figure in the tech industry as well as the host of RealClear Radio hour, told such stories as that of AT&T and the government monopoly they held for almost 70 years. In that time, Mr. Frezza noted, everybody was equal; everybody had the same telephone. And yet at the same time there was no innovation, no forward progress. Forced equality, he concluded, is thus only effective if one excludes all other consequences and focuses on equality alone.

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This was but one of the lessons that Mr. Frezza imparted that night, all focused on the importance of liberty and our ability to be agents for the positive impact that it brings not only to our economy but also to our society as a whole. 

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