UNC YAL Hosts “Guns: Myth vs. Fact”

The last year we have seen headlines and debates surrounding the 2nd Amendment and guns in America. Discourse on campus often follows a distorted narrative that private gun ownership is a problem that causes violence. The facts show that responsible, law-abiding gun owners help deter crime and violence; and their ability to keep and bear arms is strongly protected by the U.S. Constitution.
YAL Gun Event
To help provide a needed pro-2nd Amendment voice on campus, UNC YAL set up a game called Guns: Myth vs. Fact. Statements about gun rights and related issues were printed on folding flaps on a presentation board, and onlookers said whether they believed the statements were true or not, and the answer (with a citation and explanation) was revealed underneath. 
Our eye-grabbing display on a hot-button issue, placed in a heavily trafficked pavilion on central campus caught lots of attention from curious students. UNC YAL was able to connect with several conservative and libertarian-minded students who were pleasantly surprised to see a pro-2nd Amendment display on a generally left-leaning campus.
We’ll be keeping the board for future events, and hope to continue our awareness and informational campaigns spreading freedom this year and well into the future.
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