UNC YAL hosts Liberty in North Korea

Liberty in North Korea — or LiNK for short — is an organization that works to empower and save the lives of North Korean people. Through their activism and fundraising, they’ve rescued over 265 people.

Our chapter with the LiNK Nomads and other attendees

On October 23, YAL at UNC Chapel Hill hosted the Southeast Nomads, who are representatives sent out from LiNK headquarters to travel and raise awareness about North Korea and their organization. 

LiNK presentation

They gave an excellent presentation that covered a range of important topics, including the oppressive treatment of North Korean citizens and the growth of underground free markets (which are enabling certain North Koreans to survive via basic capitalism).

Importantly, they explained how all money they fundraise is allocated to rescuing North Koreans that have defected across the Chinese border. These defectors are taken on a 3,000 mile journey to safety in Southeast Asia, and they are then relocated and helped in setting up their new lives outside North Korea.

LiNK attendance

For YAL’s Choose Charity project, all of the North Carolina chapters are partnering up to form a LiNK rescue team. The goal of the NC YAL team is to raise $3,000 dollars by the end of the school year (which is how much they need to rescue one person). 

LiNK is an organization that is making incredible things happen through spreading liberty, and we are honored and excited to work with them.

Our chapter with the Nomads

For more info, check out our fundraising page on the LiNK website:


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