UNC YAL’s Second Meeting: North Korea and Other Topics

As UNC celebrated its ninth annual First Amendment Day, our YAL group got together to discuss current events and our plans for the next few weeks. 

At this meeting, we discussed possible outcomes of the North Korea situation, touching on who we think will intervene first, what we expect to come from an intervention, and what the intervention will look like. 

Then, as the meetings usually do, we diverged from our set agenda and went with the wind. Wherever our conversation carried us, that’s where we went. This is my favorite thing about our YAL group: we discuss anything, with nothing off limits. You can hear anybody’s viewpoint on anything, and if you don’t know about a subject, you don’t have to feel embarrassed to ask about it. It’s okay to discuss and it’s okay to observe. 

As we began to pack up, we touched on our upcoming event, a campus favorite: the free speech ball. We should be rolling it out to our quad in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more from your liberty loving Tar Heels! 

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