UNCSA YAL Fall Semester Activism

The University of North Carolina School of the Arts had a busy start to the semester!

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Our chapter started out with the annual Community Fair, and tabled with the politically homeless quiz, YAL/SFL swag, and books. The fair was a success and got many students to sign up for our first interest meeting. Like most meetings go, not everyone on the list was able to show up, but a solid ten came by to see what UNCSA’s YAL chapter is all about!

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For Constitution Week, we decided to participate in the Free Speech Wall project. After building the wall late into Sunday night, the wall was up and ready for the week’s traffic.

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Since UNCSA is an arts school, some students chose to express their free speech through artwork, while some stuck to a traditional quotation or words of their choice. We were also able to pass out more than 500 Constitutions throughout the week, adding the school’s pocket Constitutions to that count.

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Overall, the beginning of this semester has been a success at UNCSA, and our chapter is optimistic about growing and expanding our network with other local schools in Winston-Salem and across the state!

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