UNF going balls to the wall for liberty!

Ross and Jake showing off some of the liberty swag and braving the 95 degree heat.

The first couple of weeks of college is always a fun time when students discuss to classmates what fun things they did over the summer break. However, for liberty leaders with YAL at the University of North Florida, it is a time to talk to students about the idea of liberty and in doing so recruit new YAL members.

Eric getting two new students to sign up.

The first two weeks at UNF have been a great time recruiting new students interested in YAL. We passed out dozens and dozens of Why Liberty books as well as palm cards and Constitutions. Since we are the only pro-freedom and pro-peace organization on campus, we have gained a good amount of  interest around campus and look to continue to build as Constitution Week approaches. We will be holding an informative meeting to lay out the ground work about Constitution Week this week. Young Americans for Liberty at the University of North Florida has enjoyed setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of students and will continue to go balls to the wall liberty in the defense of our rights.

Eric telling someone how awesome YAL is.

The natural result after talking to a student about YAL.

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