Unfettered, Unregulated Capitialism

I was taking a break from my studies from learning propaganda from professors to look up the word capitalism in Google News.  I was suprsied seeing I had found a great article about how someone is complaining how the New York Yankees spent a lot of money on a baseball players.


The spirit of anti-capitialism is still amongst us and still kicking.  Competiton does breed better success we all can agree, we should relish and embrace the true free-market like the people here do unlike the person whom has written this letter.  Doesn’t competition for the best quality product make for better superstars? The sports where there is a salary cap seemingly never see a real change in their top teams at all, change for a better team can’t be spurred on unless they remove and add, I’d rather see a team thrive and survive.  Isn’t that philosophy that made America prosperous and great.  Let free markets work America, let there be NO salary cap in baseball so that a team like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays do something amazing with less then the Yankees salary.

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