Unifying Shackles

On Wednesday, October 4, we decided to host the Incarceration Nation event at our campus. We recreated the jail cell door, set up our table, and handed out flyers, pocket Constitutions, and candy. The many hordes of students passing by us in the main campus center began to slow and come to our table, curious as to what the jail cell was for. After explaining the purpose of our event, we were surprised to see how many students actually agreed that America is in desperate need of criminal justice reform, or who were shocked altogether upon learning how high our incarceration rates are. Not only did we have many students take pictures behind our faux- jail cell, we also had over a dozen students sign up. These students were from a diverse plethora of distinct racial, ethnic, and political backgrounds and yet were all united by the same sense of urgency to help correct an unjust prison system that voraciously and tirelessly steals taxpayer money. Virtually all students we spoke to felt that, in many cases, the punishment delivered did not match the crime. During the event, a criminal justice professor stopped by our table and spoke with us. Not only did she agree with our message, but she commended us for attempting to tackle and spread awareness on a giant issue often overlooked. We are overall very delighted by the positive response our event had on campus, and realized that this is, in fact, an issue many of our peers are concerned about.

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