Unique Free Speech Activism at State University of New York Brockport

On 2/28/18, the YAL chapter at Suny Brockport had another amazing day of free speech on our campus. Instead of using the freedom ball as our free speech event, we decided to take some pointers out of Steven Crowders playbook and use his “Change My Mind” bit. Needless to say it was a very interesting little experiment on my campus and it actually turned out perfectly. So many students not only came up to actually have a conversation with us, they began to join in and write their own topics on posters to be more involved. I recommend everyone YAL member to bring this idea on to your campus and start getting the culture of the campus involved. Too many college students do not want to talk about the social issues today because of the emotional charge behind them, this needs to end and us being the ones to step up to the challenge is the change that I want to see on campus’s and the change America needs.

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