Univ. of Cincinnati YAL at Voices of America Freedom Rally


At the Voice Of America Freedom Rally in West Chester, Ohio on Saturday, Sept. 5 official attendance estimates were 18,000. Through the masses a beacon of true liberty shined bright in the form of the University of Cincinnati YAL chapter.  The YAL leadership manned their booth for 5 hours, educating the public, along with distribution of several hundred United States Constitutions, CFL flyers on Sound Economics and Monetary Policy, and YAL information. They contributed to the day’s YAL/CFL S604 petition drive, collecting over 400 signatures.

Also as a treat here is a video of some CFL members at VOA grilling Rep. Jean Schmidt on some of her unconstitutional voting record. In there is a little gem that shows how the some in the Legislature views their role in government.


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