Universal Soldier

I just finished reviewing Campaign for Liberty‘s soon-to-be-released Rally for the Republic DVD, and took notice of the fact that Ron Paul had specially requested for Aimee Allen to perform the song, “Universal Soldier”, which she executed fantastically at the event.

It prompted me to do a little research on the song which led me to this YouTube clip of Buffy Sainte-Marie, who originally wrote the piece, giving a short narration about the context in which she conceived of the idea, followed by a performance.  She talks about the climate of the student movement of the 60s in response to Vietnam and the warfare state in general.

I found the clip to be pretty inspiring.  It’d be great to re-inject this kind of enthusiasm and concern back into young American culture.  So let’s do it. 

And keep an eye out for the DVD at Campaign for Liberty.

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