University at Albany Holds LGBT Event

On March 27, 2014 the University at Albany chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held an LGBT rights event, entitled “Liberty and the LGBTQ Community: Libertarian Perspectives on Marriage Equality.” This event followed a week-long tabling event which featured members of UA YAL reaching out to students and engaging them on the subject of LGBT rights and discussing the manner in which a libertarian answer is the one which is best suited to be adopted.

The Q&A session

The typical student, when asked, was supportive of gay marriage, but when questioned further generally agreed with the libertarian belief that marriage is not an issue in which government should have any input and individuals should be allowed to control their own associations free from coercion. Following the week of tabling and advertising for the event, our panel occurred on Thursday, March 27.

Rob Power speaking

We were honored to have Elizabeth Edwards from the Free State Project and Robert Power of Outright Libertarians. Each was given the opportunity to give a brief speech and was followed by a question and answer session. Edwards, of New Hampshire, spoke of the benefits of a free society and the immorality of using the “guns of government” to achieve one’s goal.

Elizabeth Edwards speaking

Power, from New York City, spoke of the right to freely associate with others as one pleases and the ability of people to coexist peacefully. The event was a stirring success with over thirty people in attendance, filling the room. The event was organized by members Conner Dunleavy and Randy Purdy.

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