University at Albany Hosts Bill Frezza!

The State University at Albany happened to be one of the lucky schools chosen to host the “Free Beer and Pizza: A Case Study on Incentives” tour, featuring speaker and capital investor Bill Frezza. This was to be our big event for the semester, as well as a chance for our chapter to demonstrate our organizational and operational abilities.

We began with tabling a week before the event. Our chapter members stood out in the cold to make sure that each passing student left with flier in hand and a knowledge of the event. We tabled for four hours each day in preparation for this event. In addition to tabling, we also coated the campus with fliers, both big and small. On almost all living areas, and all throughout the academic podium. Anywhere one looked, a YAL flier was there.

We took another important step, contacting the School of Business. Aside from the School of Criminal Justice, UAlbany has a very prestigious School of Business, which is populated by thousands of students. Thanks to the Dean, we were able to have an email describing our event sent out to each of the thousands of students in the Business School. We also dormstormed the day of the event and sent out several mass emails to our own email list.

October 22 finally came around and our Eboard was excited to enjoy lunch with Mr. Frezza. We all exchanged stories and talked about ourselves in a personal manner, gaining a personal connection with each other.

Frezza 3

The night time finally came, and as students began to fill in the seats (and consume all the pizza!) we realized our hard work had paid off as 60 students attended.

Mr. Frezza began to speak after a short introduction to YAL, and told stories from his own experience which captivated the audience as no lecture would. Even those there who were not libertarians were drawn into the discussion and quickly saw the moral of the stories which were being told. Going on for over an hour and taking many questions with great audience participation, Mr. Frezza adjourned and the trek to the social began.

Frezza 6

Around 20 students attended the social afterwards, completely crowding the table at which Mr. Frezza sat, continuing to ask him questions and hold discussions while enjoying their drinks and food.

Frezza 4

Around 11:45 PM the social ended. Some students even said to our board that they had heard of libertarianism before, but now they were convinced that they were libertarians. Some even asked Mr. Frezza which books they should read.

Frezza 5

Heading home, our team reflected on how very successful our event had been, and how much fun we all had doing it!

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