University at Buffalo Gets the Ball Rolling for Free Speech

The University at Buffalo chapter of Young Americans for Liberty protested against censorship, safe spaces, and other restrictions towards free speech during our Fight for Free Speech event.  Our chapter peacefully disobeyed our university’s unconstitutional free speech zones by intentionally rolling our free speech ball into non-approved zones for free speech on the premise that the entire United States is meant to be a free speech zone.  
Fight for Free Speech 4
Students who agreed that our 1st Amendment rights are endangered of suppression, especially on college campuses, signed both our petition and our free speech ball. One of the most powerful forms of expression on our free speech ball came in the form of a quote from a student denoted only as “Jake”: “If we don’t talk to those who disagree, how will anyone know that they’re wrong?”

Fight for Free Speech 2
The Constitution protects ALL forms of speech, even unpopular speech. The free exchange of ideas among human beings helps us learn and grow as a society, and not being able to hear unpopular speech causes us to forget where our principles truly lie, and who we are as a country. 
Overall, our event was a great success and we look forward to continuing to fight for free speech on our campus.  
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