University at Buffalo Recruits with Rigor at Club Fair

With a new year comes new opportunities for YAL chapters across the country. Opportunities to recruit new members, organize extraordinary activism events, and educate others on the principles of liberty. The University of Buffalo’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty did just that this past weekend at our campus’ freshmen club fair and picnic.

Competing against over forty different clubs on campus, UB YAL still came out on top, drawing immense crowds of first year student who were all looking to learn more about liberty.

By the end of the club fair, we obtained exactly forty signatures from our sign-up sheet, blowing the neighboring club tables out of the water.

A few days later, UB YAL kicked off the semester with our first club meeting, with about twenty members attending to hear more about YAL.  We have another meeting this week on Thursday, so I’m hoping that I will get see another great turnout just like on Monday.

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