University of Alaska Anchorage Fall Recruitment

We’ve had two recruitment events so far this semester on campus in Anchorage, Alaska.

The first occurred in August, during UAA’s campus kick-off event. We had a beautiful table set up as you can see in the attached photo. While it was a beautiful day (almost too hot, honestly) we did encounter quite a bit of wind, which wreaked havoc on our set up. This is an issue we haven’t quite found a resolution to yet. 

Campus Kick Off Table

By far the most popular portion of our tabling at kick off was the public opinion poll. We asked people to place a sticker under what they believed an individual person should be able to sell. You can see the results below. We expected the “write in” option to be much more popular, but as you can see, it wasn’t. We will probably leave this off in the future.

Public Opinion Poll Results

Finally, this past week we had some help recruiting. The Leadership Institute was hosting a Youth Leadership School in Anchorage, so they sent one of their guys up to assist us in recruiting for our club. Fernando was an amazing help, getting over 100 people onto our email list. A typical tabling session yields us 15-30 sign ups, so we are beyond excited to host our next meeting on October 9. 

The College Democrats on our campus have never been particularly friendly to our group (but also not outright hostile). While Fernando’s numbers are amazing, the most impressive accomplishment was getting the President of the CDs to sign up!

CD President

 I am hoping for a great turn out at our next meeting, thanks to Fernando’s assistance this past week. 

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