University of Arizona YAL Chapter Holds Long-Awaited Recruitment Event

Last Wednesday, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at the University of Arizona held an event to recruit new members. A table was set up on the Alumni Plaza of the UA Mall, and throughout the day, students were offered free pocket constitutions or were invited to take a short political quiz about liberty. Numerous students visited the table, making the event a success!

The event allowed for productive discourse on libertarian ideas, YAL’s mission, and the chapter’s future events. It was extremely exciting to have these discussions, and they provided great hope for YAL’s future at Arizona. The chapter hopes to attract even more new members through upcoming free speech events, and will hold a follow-up meeting to further educate new members about the mission of Young Americans for Liberty.

Painful sunburns resulting from the the event served as a reminder to always use sunscreen when outside for extended periods of time, especially when in the Arizona sun!

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