University of California at Davis Free Speech Ball

One of the most important aspects of liberty is free speech. UC Davis’s Chapter resumed this quarter once again with the annual free speech ball event. Today, we brought a giant beach ball on the quad to represent students’ freedom of expression. Students had the opportunity to write whatever in their minds on the ball. Though speech is generally a protected right, controversial topics are not always guaranteed. Nevertheless, the First Amendment cites free speech, even the most offensive.

Davis’s “free speech zones” especially is a significant issue. These zones suggest students are allowed to express and protest beliefs only in these confined areas. Regardless, students must push these boundaries and therefore the administration in hopes to widen free speech rules on campus. Overall, it is amazing seeing fellow students pursue their First Amendment right with our giant ball

Today, we had not only pushed the restraints on speech but signed 47 new members for Davis’s YAL chapter, as well as registered 7 people for the YAL Summit in April. We hope to accomplish more in the following months.

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